Vision & Mission
「A Chance for Everyone」
We believe that giving an equal opportunity to everyone is the way to alleviating poverty.
The goal of LIP-MF is to open doors for people in need so they can get the financial opportunities they deserve. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity for success. Through microfinance, we help those in need become more self-sufficient, enabling them to improve their lives independently.

What is LIP?
「while having full-time job, we change world through volunteering」

Living in Peace (LIP) is a non-profit organization with a mission to alleviate poverty through providing an equal opportunity. LIP has established in October 2007 and has its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. We believe that the alleviating poverty enables poor to take control of own lives and makes it possible to achieve a peaceful life. To achieve this goal, all LIP members are motivated volunteers who work over weekends and after work. This provides new working style that people who want to contribute to society can have full-time job on the side from volunteering. LIP mainly work in two different projects, Microfinance Project (LIP-MF) and Education Project (LIP-EP). It was originally started to support Cambodian and Vietnamese Microfinance institutions, and later engaged in fundraising activities to assist Japanese children in faster care.

Why Microfinance?

We believe in the importance of financial access for less-fortunate people. With increasing financial opportunity, many of them can start their own business and alleviate their poverty.

LIP-MF has staff members who possess different background including the finance industry, ???. With their expertise and experience we can slowly contribute to the elimination of world poverty.